Today was held the ceremony of completion of the theoretical part of the professional program for 416 cadets of the Kosovo Police


Vushtrri, 13 September 2019 –  At the Kosovo Academy of Public Safety, fifty-four (54) generation of police cadets today completed the theoretical part of the professional program for 416 Kosovo Police cadets and from today will continue  with the practical part of this program.

General Director of Kosovo Police, Rashit Qalaj welcoming the participants invite cadets that during their work to respect the law. Director Qalaj said that the Kosovo Police is a well-structured organization and a very reliable organization.
“Today we are a well-structured organization, with all organizational capacities, legal infrastructure, equipment and human capacity. Our work has made us a very trustworthy organization, we have achieved this by fulfilling the duties of the police that are defined by police law”, said Qalaj, thanking all the international partners for their continuous support to the Kosovo Police.
Qalaj further said: “At the Academy you have completed the theoretical part of the program and now you are entering a very important phase of field training, it is an important phase as what you have learned from the instructors in the school you will complete with practical work ”.
On this occasion director Qalaj invite cadets during their work to serve the people of Kosovo, to treat everyone equally.
 “We have many tasks starting from protecting life and property and ending up securing the state border. It will be a very difficult job, a very challenging one, but a very valuable one by the citizens of Kosovo. Because you will serve, you will protect citizens and property, and very often you will save lives. This is also our mission, to serve and only serve. To serve the people of Kosovo, treat everyone equally and consider every individual in the country, members of Kosovo's large family", said Qalaj, saying that the Kosovo Police is a multi ethnic organization, as well as an organization which also cares about gender

Whereas the Acting Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ekrem Mustafa urged the cadets to engage in their work to maintain the credibility of the Kosovo Police.
"You are now wearing a uniform that has a huge credibility from the citizens, so you must commit to maintaining that credibility by respecting applicable laws and human rights",  Mustafa said.
“The day before, both the Kosovo Police and the Academy are turning 20 years of establishment and successful work. After a successful work, the Academy became a member of the Francophone International Police Training Network (FRANCOPOL), as the  voting  member ”, Mustafa said.
Acting Minister Ekrem Mustafa said that education is the most important component of the development of an acceptable standard system and keeping pace with modern development and technological innovation.
“It is very important that the professionalism and maintenance of this credibility be done by applying the law in general and protecting human rights. And now with your work this credibility is maintained. This credibility should be maintained by applying the law strictly”, Mustafa said.
The Director General of the Kosovo Academy, Ismail Smakiqi, on this occasion held a speech. 
"Dear cadets of the Kosovo Police, I want to congratulate you from my heart the completion of the modules of the theoretical part of the Professional Training Program the ‘ New Policeman’ at the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety", said Smakiqi.
Director Smakiqi said that 2019 was the year with the most cadets in the history of the Academy where he said at the same time  17 cadets of Kosovo Police Inspectorate , 119 cadets of Kosovo Correctional Service and 416 cadets of Kosovo Police attended professional training.
“Dear cadets of the Kosovo Police, during the past 34 weeks in the Academy you have gained the knowledge and skills necessary to practice your profession in the near future. Exercise your profession in accordance with your legal competences by serving the citizens of your homeland without distinction. Remember that Your power is in your families who have been supported to determine your profession and your colleagues, your unit mates, with whom you will fight the bad people. Do not forget to protect the right that your families, your colleagues, your friends, your loved ones and the citizens of Kosovo look always at eyes ”,  said Director Smakiqi, wishing the cadets health and all the best in their careers and lives. 
“The Honorable Director General of the Kosovo Police, Qalaj, hoped together to create the conditions and find the support of the central state institutions, so that the 55th generation of Kosovo Police cadets would begin training as soon as possible. As I say every time at such ceremonies, the Academy has grace only when it is full of cadets. Congratulation dear cadets ”, said Smakiqi.
Also the leader of ICITAP Program in Kosovo Kimberley Riffe , congratulated cadets in their work. 
“As a former law enforcement commander let me share some suggestions with you. Be brave do what is right even when it is not widely accepted, be strong, stand up to those who influence and tend to access justice, be brave,  try to risk protecting your citizens, you are honored to apply the law to protect all citizens equally. Never forget that you are part of the community as well”, Riffe said.
While Ambassador of the OSCE Mission in Kosovo Jan Braathu said that he was convinced that the cadets will continue the line of success at the Kosovo Police.
“You are going through a line of success that has been built for 20 years in a row and with the conviction that you will continue this line of success.  I want to congratulate you for your courage to take on the role of leading and supporting the community in being a police officer“, said Braathu inviting cadets to follow the rules and respect the rule of law, to be professional and be honored for uniform and service to their community. 

Nehat Thaci director of the Kosovo Correctional Service at the same time head of the Academy Board on behalf of the Academy's board he greeted everyone. "For you new policemen, the journey is not so easy, I encourage you to be honest and have a clear vision", Thaçi said.
While speaking on behalf of the 54th generation, Pajtim Thaçi said that they are proud to serve the country professionally by pledging to perform their duties in accordance with the law and with honour. "We, as Kosovo police officials, will protect the rights of all citizens of Kosovo without distinction," Thaçi stressed..